MIT-G Imprementation guidelines

Schedule / Venue

February 20, 2016(Saturday)
9:00~20:00 (planned)
Tokyo Tower Media Centre

Entry Qualifications

Must be a student attending a domestic university or graduate school

Must apply as a team of four people

(Please form your team with individuals from the same university or graduate school, because teams will play against opposing teams by school.)

What's NEWUpdate on CAT-G!

  • 2016/02/20 The date of MIT-G 2016 has been finalized! February 20

Game Explanation

This is a business/management strategy game
that will simulate the operations of a pharmaceutical company.

The players become top executives of a pharmaceutical company
and simulate 35 years of business operations.
In this game five years is counted as one period
whereas decisions will be made for a total of seven periods.

The players watch the market and attempt to optimize the sales,
research and development decisions, as well as its business strategies.

When all of the periods are completed, ranking is determined based on [cash] + [assets (*)].
* Assets = 1) The value of developed pharmaceuticals, 2) the value of pharmaceuticals under development, and 3) the value of trained human resources.

Demonstrate leadership in a ever-changing environment to lead the business to success.

We will show you a business game previously conducted by a major pharmaceutical company.

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